Friday, 1 July 2011


I'll be in the UK when you're reading this.

Visiting the North to attend the wedding of a very good friend's daughter.

We may have time to meet up with a very good friend - depends on train schedules.

Then hooking up with my son to visit Edinburgh and catch up with a friend and former colleague whom I've not seen for several years.

Then flying to Bristol and meet with a dear friend who lives in Box, before moving on to Banbury to stay with two close friends and attend a meeting, as a guest author, of The Thin Ladies' Reading Circle.

And, I'll take a trip to Oxford to catch up with my daughter - who, though having finished her PPE finals, will still be at St. Hilda's.

After this excitement I'll be calling in on my mother and sister in Bishop's Cleeve and attending a birthday party for one of my two nephews before flying back home to Barcelona.

One of the organisers of the Thin Ladies' Reading Circle explained, "We are not called the Thin Ladies because we are undeniably lithe and attractive. No. We are called the Thin Ladies because we prefer thin volumes. However, we've made an exception for you."

Sounds OK by me.

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